Fei Li (Daniel)

Head of Operations

Fei has worked in the financial and marketing fields for over 9 years in Canada, helping business owners and corporations expand their potential and wealth. He now focuses on overall operations within Innovest Bay Group, as well as focusing on client success for both clients and companies. He improves the overall performance on both sides and helps clients to meet their goals and potential.
Prior to joining Innovest Bay Group. Fei was in the advisory and financial services sector for over 5 years, working as an investment advisor and dealing representative with Hoovest Financial Inc. Over the years, he has cultivated deep, family-like bonds with his clients, who consistently express their delight in collaborating with him. Prior to his entry into the financial industry, Fei worked as a marketing planner and consultant, helping companies expand their businesses overseas.

Fei has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from UA and is registered with the CSC.