Acting as a steward for the family’s overall well-being, beyond financial matters

Acting as a steward for the family’s overall well-being, beyond financial matters

A true family office is first and foremost a provider of service of stewardship. We understand the client’s overall family dynamic including familial, business, cultural, and geographic ties before diving into financial and business matters. We then assemble the best-in-class advisors in all disciplines necessary to serve a complex family as if running an integrated corporation.

The advisors may include tax, legal, investment management, insurance, accounting, bookkeeping, charity and gifting, family counsellor, and wellness advisors.


Family office services include outside counsel, in-house advisors, as well as advisors of our related entities that include a registered portfolio manager firm and an insurance advisory firm, regulated by the relevant regulatory bodies.

Financial planning

Goal-oriented planning

Cash management


Legal & estate

Legacy and gifting

Estate planning

Family trusts

Tax & accounting

Tax planning


International and expat tax

Consulting & transaction services

Pension consulting

Business combinations and special situations

Private banking


Securities lending

Credit cards

Cash & investment management

Corporate and personal cash management

Liquidity management

Access to credit

Gifting and charity

Family foundations

Charity and donation planning

Offshore & insurance

Offshore insurance structures

Access to special tax regions


Legal & estate, tax reporting and planning provided by third-party advisors with the process overseen and managed by Innovest Bay advisors; private banking activities provided by National Bank private banking 1859 by referral; cash and investment management provided by Hoovest Financial Inc.’s Innovest Bay Investment Council team; insurance advisory conducted by Hoovest Insurance Services Corp.